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Malawi is a country of great natural beauty in East Central Africa at approximately 15 degrees south and 35 degrees east. It is boardered by Tanzania to the north and northeast, Zambia to the west, Mozambique to the southeast, south and southwest. It is a small narrow country lying north to south, it is approximately 850km long and 160 km wide. Malawi is the southern end of the Great Rift Valley and contains Lake Malawi which is the southernmost lake in the series of lakes making the Valley's route from the Red Sea. 

Lake Malawi is the worlds ninth largest lake. It is 365 miles long, 52 miles wide and 700m deep and is often refferred to as the calendar lake. The deepest part of the lake is 230m below sea level and the surface is 470m above sea level.           

Climate - The lakeshore areas have a low rainfall, and a warm relaxing climate, with mean daily temperatures ranging from 26°C in January to 21°C in July. The dry season is in winter between May and October, The rainy season is between December and April and there is always ample sunshine at the lakeshore.

What To Wear - Dress is informal in Malawi. for daytime wear, men need sports shirts and shorts and a pair of slacks for cooler days. Woman need little more than light dresses, shorts, skirts and tops. (not forgetting the essential swimming attire.)

Immigration - All visitors require valid passports. Check with the Malawi Diplomatic Mission nearest you for current visa requirements.

Health - It is advisable to take the usual prophylactics against malaria. The waters of Lake Malawi are generally free from bilharzia, as are all the fast running mountain streams. For your own comfort bring mosquito repellents.

Airport Tax - A departure tax of US$20 is levied on all international departures. Passengers should pay this after checking in to depart.

Driving - International driving licences are acceptable in Malawi. Petrol and diesel are freely available. Check with management on road conditions who will gladly advise you on the best routes to the lake.

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